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Artículos completos publicados en revistas arbitradas



Maria-Belen Martinez-Pavetti; Lucas Medina; M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; Magna Monteiro; Study on two eco-friendly surface treatments on Luffa cylindrica for development of reinforcement and processing materials, Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2021. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 2238-7854.

OMAYRA FERRERO; Lilian Paiva; A.A. Ribeiro; Magna Monteiro; M. Varella; Luiz Carlos Pereira; Sintering
parameters study of a biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramic synthesized by alcoholic sol-gel technique, Ceramics
International, 2021. ISSN/ISBN: 0272-8842

Sachio Kanazawa; Melissa Sanabria; Magna Monteiro; Influence of the fermentation methods on the resistant starch formation by X-ray diffraction., SN Applied Sciences, v. 3 f: 191, 2021.


Gill, B.; Martinez-Pavetti, M. B.; Magna Monteiro; Chemical and microstructural characterization of blast
furnace slag, Revista de la Sociedad Científica del Paraguay, v. 25 f: 2, p. 101-110, 2020. ISSN/ISBN: 379-9123.

Jaime L.B. Presser; Magna Monteiro; Andrea Maldonado; Impacto diamonds in an extravagant metal piece
found in Paraguay, Historia Natural, v. 10 f: 2, p. 5-15, 2020. ISSN/ISBN: 0326-1778.


M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; Valdez, G. O. ; Sean George; CUNNINGHAM, M. F. ; Laqua, L. A. C.; Giudici, R.; Preparation of Thermochromic Films from Latexes Made by Miniemulsion Polymerization, Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 2019. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 1862-832X.

Maria G.F. Torraga; M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; Giudici, R.; Hydrolysis of acetic anhydride: In situ, real-time monitoring using NIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy, Chemical Engineering Science, 2019. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 0009-2509

Norma Caballero; P. Casanova; Magna Monteiro; Kinetic analysis of lead removal by natural hydroxyapatite
from aqueous solution in high concentration, Materials Research , v. 22 f: suppl. 1, 2019. ISSN/ISBN: 1980-5373


M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; Canesqui, M.; Tasic, L.; Bartoli, J.; Moshkalev, S.; Flexible Conductive Films Fabricated Using Exfoliated Graphite and Nanocellulose, Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology, v. 4 f: 1, 2018. 

Andrea Maldonado; Angela Corvalan; Delia Cohenca; Magna Monteiro; Setting time of ecological bricks with
different percentege PET, KnE Engineering, v. 2018, p. 354-362, 2018. ISSN/ISBN: 2518-6841


Magna Monteiro; A. Matos; S. Aquino; Faderico Gaona; Christian Schaerer; F. Arias; D. Dorigo; Maria C. Vega; Antonieta
MODIFIED PELLETS FOR SLOW RELEASE PHEROMONE, International Journal of Advanced Research, v. 5 f: 9, p. 1718-1725,
2017. ISSN/ISBN: 2320-5407


M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; AMBROGI, PAULA MARIA NOGUEIRA; SERRA, CRISTIANA SERRANO RAPOSO; ARAÚJO, PEDRO H. H.; SAYER, CLAUDIA; GIUDICI, REINALDO;  At-line monitoring of conversion in the inverse miniemulsion polymerization of acrylamide by Raman spectroscopy, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016.  ISSN/ISBN: 0888-5885.


AMBROGI, PAULA MARIA NOGUEIRA; M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; GIUDICI, REINALDO; Miniemulsion Polymerization Monitoring Using Off-Line Raman Spectroscopy and In-Line NIR Spectroscopy, Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 2016. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 1862-832X


L. DOMINGUEZ; S. PATIÑO; A.A. Ribeiro; M. Varella; Magna Monteiro; Sodium Ions Uptake by Hydroxyapatite
from Bovine Bone, Materials Science forum, v. 820, p. 545-548, 2015. ISSN/ISBN: 1662-9752


Edith Falcon-de Legal; Marta Ascurra; Gislaine Custódio; LEGAL, H.; Magna Monteiro; Maria C. Vega; María José Fernández;
Sonia Vega; Elis Rosane Sade; Izabel Coelho; Enilze M. S. F. Ribeiro; Iglenir J. Cavalli; Bonald C. Figueiredo; Prevalence of an inherited cancer predisposition syndrome associated with the germ line TP53 R337H mutation in Paraguay: How does the mutation cross borders?, Cancer Epidemiology, v. 39 f: 2, p. 166-169, 2015. ISSN/ISBN: 1877-7821

2014 - en adelante


M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; CHICOMA, D. L.; GIUDICI, REINALDO; ARAÚJO, PEDRO H. H.; SAYER, CLAUDIA; Acrylamide inverse miniemulsion polymerization: in situ, real-time monitoring using nir spectroscopy, Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 0104-6632

OMAYRA FERRERO; FATIMA YUBERO; BALESTRA, R.M.; MARIZE VARELLA; Magna Monteiro; Bovine Bone Processing for Biofilter Application, Materials Science Forum, Materials Science Forum, v. 727-72, p. 727-730, 2012. ISSN/ISBN: 0255-5476


M.M.E.Colman, Magdalena Espinola; Rodrigo Muniz Moreira; Marcelo Do Amaral; ARAÚJO, PEDRO H. H.; SAYER, CLAUDIA; Incorporation of PMMA and PS in Styrene and Methyl methacrylate Miniemulsion Homopolymerization, Macromolecular Symposia, 2011. Medio: Internet. ISSN/ISBN: 1022-1360

Processing on Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite., Key Engineering Materials, Key Engineering Materials, v. Biocer, p.
587-590, 2009. ISSN/ISBN: 1013-9826


Magna Monteiro; ROEHL, D.; SILVEIRA, J. L.; Numerical Analysis of Metal Powders in Uniaxial Compaction,
Materials Science Forum, Materials Science Forum, v. 591 - , p. 218-222, 2008. ISSN/ISBN: 0255-5476


M. Varella; Magna Monteiro; SILVIA R. A. SANTOS; IEDA CAMINHA; ROSSI, A. M.; Microstructural and Mechanical
Characterization of Sintered Hydroxyapatite Samples, Materials Science Forum, Materials Science Forum, v. Advanc, p.
717-721, 2008. ISSN/ISBN: 0255-5476


Magna Monteiro; ROCHA, A. C. C.; ROSSI, A. M.; SOARES, G. A.; Dissolution properties of calcium phosphate
granules with different compositions in simulated body fluid, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Journal of
Biomedical Materials Research, v. 65A f: 2, p. 299-305, 2003. ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9304

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